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Book 1 of the Adventures of Alex Walker:

In this entertaining and epic first installment by author Mike Mayo, we meet 12 year-old Alex, his mother and the denizens of a small traveling circus. Alex is on the run from a murderous father and the friendly troupe seems a perfect hiding place. What he doesn't know is that the animals in the circus have been waiting for him -- waiting for centuries, it seems. When Alex meets Elder Cocker, he realizes his life will never be the same: the small dog can talk and Alex can understand every word!

With the help of the dog, a cat and a parrot, Alex discovers his unique ability tocommunicate with animals, and learns more about the thoughtless cruelty animals suffer from their human caretakers. The old cocker spaniel becomes his teacher, trying to prepare Alex both for growing up, and for becoming the champion the animals hope he will be…


5-star reviews for "Alex Walker and the Circus of Secrets" Amazon.com

"I was pleased to discover Michael Mayo's "Alex Walker& the Circus of Secrets." For anyone, such as myself, who enjoys a lively romp and family-oriented high adventure, Mayo does not disappoint. His story of a boy who can communicate with animals is certainly a wish I always had as a child and it's great to see it nicely rendered into a fast-paced, engaging story with lively, eccentric characters and edge-of-the-seat action. It's a book suitable for all ages and will leave you eagerly awaiting the next installment! It'll be the perfect stocking stuffer for my animal-loving family this Holiday Season."


"A book for all ages. I plan on reading it to my third grade students whom I think would love it as much as I do. It's exciting and mysterious and reminds us that darkness is just as important as light. Its a coming of age story for animal lovers, where a boy has a gift we all wish we had and now has a responsibility to honor it. Read the book to find out what I mean. You won't be disappointed."

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